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RF citizenship in simplified order

Hello, I am a citizen from the European Union, married with a Russian citizen since 10 years. currently residing in Russia with a temporary residence permit. 1- Can you confirm that I may apply for the Russian citizenship in simplified order (married more than 3 years)? 2- If so: I read that there are 2 ways to receive the RF citizenship: Through the Federal Migration Service, OR through a judge. Is it correct and can you elaborate about the second way (judiciary)? Which way is the most convenient and which one is the fastest? Thank you, Denis
как получить рнвп в россии, если я гражданин эстонии, еще и студент?
No, you can not to get Russian citizenship. Married - is not reason to getting RF citizenship. At first, you mast to get permission to temporary live in Russia. In a 3 year you can to put in an application to accept RF citizenship.
Hello, I decided to write you because my future husband also will live in Russia and now we finding out what kind of documents he needs for that. Can you help us with that? Did you get permanent permission of living in Russia directly after marriage or how was it? We want to apply documents directrly after marriage. Can it be succesful or he will have to leave Russia and than to come back? Hope for answer, Ljuda